Commission on Human Diversity

Professor Vicki Meloney presented the origins of Replace-the-Hate and hosed a hands on workshop at the 8th annual Commission on Human Diversity Conference at Kutztown University. Participants used hands-on techniques to create cardboard printing plates to make signs that read “Cultivate Kindness” and “Replace-the-Hate”.  By using custom foam stamps and bright colored markers the participants were able to personalize their posters.

The Kutztown University Commission on Human Diversity facilitates the development of an environment in which members of the university community are valued and their differences honored. Understanding for and among all groups is pursued through the arrangement and support of special activities such as open forums, diversity dialogues and education workshops that promote awareness and honor of each other’s differences.

Good Design Works

Replace-the-Hate traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to host a workshop at the 13th annual UCDA Design Education Summit: “Good Design Works”. The summit spotlighted all aspects of purpose-driven graphic design that are having an influential, positive impact on the world. It celebrated designer’s ability to create meaningful social change through visual communications that celebrate, criticize, educate or advocate.

The participants at the workshop were able to craft their own messages of love and hope by experimenting with xerox transfers, antique wood type, ink and cardboard printing plates. The discussion that took place during the workshop was thought-provoking, engaging and insightful.

The University & College Designers Association (UCDA) inspires designers working in academia in North America and around the world by delivering relevant programming and benefits in a personal and thoughtful way.

Replace-the-Hate goes international

Replace-the-Hate goes international

Professors Doris Palmeros and Vicki Meloney Replace-the-Hate in Barcelona, Spain. Professor Palmeros and Professor Meloney gave a 20 minute presentation and a 45 minute workshop and shared their experiences and insights on the power of collective art as an antidote to hate and fear. Both the presentation and workshop were well attended and the international participants were intrigued by our national “new normal” of hate rhetoric in the U.S.

The International Conference on Design Principles & Practices offers an interdisciplinary forum to explore the meaning and purpose of design. International Conference on Design Principles & Practices attendees include leaders in the field, as well as emerging scholars, who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives.

reemplaça l’odi! (replace the hate in Catalan the official language of Barcelona, Spain)